Kardan Asia Trade Company was registered in Tehran in 2002, and it officially started its activity. The Company is a private joint-stock company. Its objectives are: To perform commercial affairs, to make investments, to export and import, to perform development affairs (within the framework of projects based on management contracts), to provide technical-engineering services, to provide consultancy services, to obtain agencies from Iranian and foreign organizations and companies, to enter into partnership with other companies through buying shares, to attract domestic and foreign investments, and to perform other related activities within the framework of the regulations set by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Company’s official capital which has been registered and which has been paid in full is 4,200,000,000 rials. Given its financial possibilities and its experiences, the Company performs the defined trade and commercial activities independently and/or by the side, or with the cooperation, of other specialized companies on the basis of annual plans.

Given the framework of the Company’s activities which include the importation and exportation of goods and the provision of technical and engineering services, the company has focused its activities on the following spheres:

• Vehicle industries

• Oil and gas industries

• Air and marine industries

• Electrical and electronic industries

• Construction industries

• Medical and pharmaceutical industries

• Agricultural industries

As to the geographical sphere of its activities, although Kardan Asia Trade Company has appropriate contacts in some European countries (such as Germany and Spain), in the Middle Asia (Tajikistan and Armenia) and in the Persian Gulf region (the United Arab Emirates), the Company has considered China the main base of its trade activities because of its widespread contacts in that country and, also, the long records of cooperation between the Company’s directors and Chinese companies.

In order to accelerate its activities and to promote customers’ satisfaction level, Kardan Asia Trade Company has established “Iran-China Development International Trade (Beijing) Company” in Beijing, and it has been following up many of the defined projects through that Company.

The Company has obtained the necessary permits for commercial activities from the government authorities, and it is permitted to import and export goods and to provide technical and engineering services.

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