The modern era of trade has foreshadowed the structure of today’s world to such an extent that it has influenced the smallest angle of human beings’ lives. Human beings have become intertwined with a structure that reciprocally influences them and is influenced by them. Like many other spheres of human beings’ lives and works, the world of trade embraces a collection of structures, organs and units which have been made by human beings, which provide trade solutions to complex trade problems and which help human beings make a better trade future and achieve conspicuous progresses in industrial, technological, commercial and economic affairs.

A study of views on growth mainly attests to the positive relationship between foreign trade and economic growth. Within the framework of views on domestic growth, foreign trade results in the transfer of know-how ad technology through the exchange of services and goods, especially capital and intermediate goods. By improving and allocating resources, foreign trade increases access to technology and intermediate goods, results in domestic competition and paves the ground for innovations.

Kardan Asia Trade Company’s efforts aim at making the Company a top, efficient, competitive and valuable company in trade transactions with China.




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